My RGB Working Spaces and Chroma Variant Sets

— for unparalleled control over image color
August 16, 2006 (finally!)

Working Spaces:

Since 1997 I have have been designing RGB working spaces for a range of purposes. Seven of these ICC profiles are now available from me — one for free and six for sale, including a new series of five spaces intended specifically for storing captures from digital cameras. For a long discussion of RGB working spaces and issues of their design, go to All About RGB Working Spaces. For a comparative introduction to my spaces, go to About the Master Spaces and Chroma Variant Sets. To view the gamuts of all the master spaces, go to my Gamut Plots page. To purchase profiles, go here.
The Five DCam Spaces, top view

Here are my seven working spaces:

Chrome Space 100, J. Holmes
Ekta Space PS 5, J.Holmes
DCam 1, J. Holmes
DCam 2, J. Holmes
DCam 3, J. Holmes
DCam 4, J. Holmes
DCam 5, J. Holmes

The Five DCam Spaces, side view

RGB working spaces are an integral part of most modern imaging workflows and their proper design and use is a significant issue for photographers who have turned to digital imaging.

Chroma Variant Sets:

I also make and offer for sale sets of specialized profiles, which I call chroma variants. Each chroma variant set is matched to a particular RGB working space (the master space for the set). I now have sets for all seven of my own working spaces and two other popular spaces as well. I call them chroma variants because when assigned to an image in place of the master space, they cause the image chroma to vary by a fixed percentage. Chroma is a facet of the Lab color space model which approximates the human sensation of colorfulness more successfully than the other available models for saturation control. My chroma variant sets are the best available method to control the colorfulness of images in an RGB workflow and I have been using them for many years as the primary instrument of color control in my own work. Photographers all over the world consistently rave about them and I couldn't do my work without them!

To read more about the several ways in which image colorfulness can be adjusted and why using my chroma variants is the best way in an RGB workflow, go to The Color Dimension. For a comparative list of my chroma variant sets and their values, go to About the Master Spaces and Chroma Variant Sets.

Available Profile Products lists of all of my currently available profiles and is the place to purchase profiles or download the free one.

FAQs and Tips include installation instructions for Macintosh or Windows, how to use them, etc.

Testimonials is the place to check out some of my many glowing user testimonials. Get a suggestion of what they have done for my own work by perusing my gallery pages (all from color film as of today).

Examples of Chroma Variant Effects provides two downloadable progressions that illustrate the effects of the variant sets.


All of my profiles, including chroma variants, are copyrighted material and may be used by license only. It's OK for the licensee to personally use them on up to three computers. It's OK for the licensee to send out an image with any of my profiles embedded into it for the sole purpose of having the file printed or seen properly. The free profile may be used by anyone, except that it may not be added to software without my written permission, it may not be altered under any circumstances, and it may not be distributed except from my web site (links welcome), except by written permission. Service bureaus may however supply scans to their customers with Ekta Space PS 5, J. Holmes embedded without my permission, though a link to this page would be appreciated. Thank you.