Web Site Viewing Tips
Most computer systems for viewing images on the Web do not show the color correctly -- not quite -- not yet. Exactly how and why this is is a long story, but if you look at the graphic below, you can at least tell whether the images on this and most other sites are looking too light, too dark, or about right overall. Even if the overall tonality is just right, the shadow detail may be too low and various qualities of the color may still be wrong. My photographs are as much about graphic quality as anything else, so this is important to me.
Which square blends in the most?
If it's #1, then the site is looking lighter than it should.
If it's #2, then you are seeing the site about right.
If it's #3, the site is looking darker than it should.

Graphic ©2009 Joseph Holmes All Rights Reserved
Target updated June, 2009
This site is designed for quality over speed. If you can't see the images at all, your browser has probably needed upgrading for several years (no support for optimized JPEGs). If text on any web site looks too large or too small, just type Control - Minus (-) or Control - Plus (+) (Command on a Mac) to change it. This is another area where the lack of industry standardization is still creating problems. Without Cascading Style Sheet support, text usually looks big on Windows and small on Macintosh.
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