August 16th, 2011

My RGB Working Spaces and Chroma Variant Sets

After many months of work in preparation, today I have announced, here on my Profiles page, the following:

1) The DCam Series — Five new RGB working spaces which I have designed specifically for use with digital camera captures, in a series of gamut volumes and shapes to meet every digital capture need: DCam 1, DCam 2, DCam 3, DCam 4 and DCam 5, J. Holmes.

2) Nine brand-new and improved sets of 29 chroma variants for each of nine master profiles, including all seven of my own and the two most popular professional working spaces: Adobe RGB (1998) and ProPhoto RGB. For unparalleled control over image color in an RGB workflow.

3) My new online store hosted by Kagi for 24/7 profile set purchase

4) All new and greatly expanded web pages full of information on RGB spaces and related issues

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