May 27th, 2024

Why is the Guy Who Told Us to Drink Bleach a Step Away from Being President?

Trump's political Teflon coating is at least a hundred times more effective than Reagan’s was in his wildest dreams. Why?

by Thom Hartmann  May 23, 2024

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That article contains the most complete list of Little Shitler's crimes I've seen so far, along with a very good set of theories as to why it is exactly that the American People have shown themselves to be every bit as prone to joining with evil as Germany's were in 1933.  Is it really surprising?  After all, there's nothing wrong with Germans!  And yet they morphed into an enemy that had to be killed.  Imagine what evil is required for that to happen.  Arm yourself against it.  But read Thom's article first!  It's a doozy

And in case you can't connect with what WW II was all about, because you're just too young to have delved into it or for whatever reason, check out Heather Cox Richardson's fine account of one life, that of an American Airman, given in service of the pursuit of Democracy (by far the most precious of all innovations) in honor of this Memorial Day, 2024.