May 4th, 2021

Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!

The new book of this title, by perhaps the most dynamic and accomplished trio of climate saving heroes on the planet, provides the best blueprint for what all of us together and each of us individually can do to turn the tide and win the climate battle.  But there is no time to waste.

Here is a quick overview of the book and what you can do:

The book is available now, $6 Kindle or $15 paperback:

The story is complex.  The book provides massive documentation via citations, plus a new synthesis of the issues written for the public at large.  It describes the three-pronged attack required to win this war: The abandonment of fossil fuels over roughly 30 years; The race to end emissions of the major Super Climate Pollutants (HFCs, methane, black carbon, aka soot, and tropospheric ozone from smog) over the next 9 or 10 years; and finally the much longer term need to scrub hundreds of billions of tons of CO2, if not also huge quantities of methane and nitrous oxide, from the sky forever.

It is only by doing all of these things that we have a chance to avoid utter catastrophe, but avoid it we can.  These efforts should have been started 40 or 50 years ago.  Now our backs are against the wall.  The huge, delayed effects of our past pollution alone will cause unimaginable harm over the coming decades and centuries, but our current path is rapidly making those eventual harms worse.  We already have most of what we need to do this. 

The most important message of the book may be the description of the dozen elements which made the Montreal Protocol's actions to cut ozone-depleting and climate-destroying chemicals the most successful international agreement in history — by far.  In the section on what's called the TEAP (Technology and Economic Assessment Panel), these twelve features illustrate how it was possible for people from around the world to work together with stunning efficiency and speed.  When corruption, obfuscation and ill will are kept out of the process, a dedicated team of scientists, engineers and other experts can proceed with lightning speed to accomplish vital things!

Read and learn.