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May 27th, 2024

Why is the Guy Who Told Us to Drink Bleach a Step Away from Being President?

Trump's political Teflon coating is at least a hundred times more effective than Reagan’s was in his wildest dreams. Why?

by Thom Hartmann  May 23, 2024

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That article contains the most complete list of Little Shitler's...

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April 1st, 2024

Comprehending the Threat

I've never heard it put quite so succinctly as Robert Reich did in this wonderful, six-minute video.  If you love your country, your family, the American land, sanity, justice — whatever — share this video:

The Great Dictator


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November 4th, 2023

CNR and CRS — A Half Century of Environmental Awareness

On a personal, and education-related note, a beautifully done article about the 54-year history of my major at the University of California at Berkeley (i.e. at Cal) has recently been published in both the printed and online versions of Breakthroughs Magazine.  It contains two of my...

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June 17th, 2023

How your world is being stolen

And how "No Labels" is one of many projects to cement that horrific outcome:

Required reading!  Thom Hartmann's article published June 16th, 2023

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May 4th, 2021

Cut Super Climate Pollutants Now!

The new book of this title, by perhaps the most dynamic and accomplished trio of climate saving heroes on the planet, provides the best blueprint for what all of us together and each of us individually can do to turn the tide and win the climate battle.  But there is no time to waste.


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